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counting crows (live)

I think much of my taste in music was influenced by my dad when I was little. He loved his records. On quiet early mornings on the weekends he'd lie on the living room floor in front of his collection to listen to them. It usually didn’t take long until I got up and crawled all over him, requesting specific songs to be played. Different story.

Wednesday he texted c crows in town tomorrow. Can’t be, I thought, because I’d know. But he was right and I had no ticket. The friend I was supposed to meet didn’t feel like trying our luck, so I played stubborn and went alone. Bought a ticket from some guy on the street and had myself a wonderful night.

No one knew them around here just yet when I brought their record back from a trip to the US in '94? August And Everything After is still one of my favorite records as a whole with many favorites on it.

I saw them perform a couple blocks away from where I live a few years ago. Someone insisted on waiting for them to come out the backdoor. Me being me, I didn't want to. But when they did come out, I stood next to Adam Duritz for a small eternity while he was philosophizing non-stop about everything and music. I don’t really remember what he said, but I got this in the end.
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