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according to dante this would be the sixth terrace

This comes somewhat delayed because I'm getting really good at deleting nearly finished posts.

Last work week was a short one because the office remained closed for the annual outing. Never happened to me so far, so I didn't really know what to expect. It ended up being a very pleasant and luxurious experience.

First they had me play golf for the first time in ten years and the third time in my life. There is a reason why there are no pictures.

After checking into one of the better hotels in the country came wine tasting in the old town. Then haute cuisine dinner, including food I wouldn't even look at otherwise. Half of us were too stuffed and beat to drink the night away in a club, so we just tested the hotel bar for a while.

Slept through spa time, but made it just in time grab a bite. It wasn't the largest breakfast buffet, but certainly the finest I've seen so far. Then antipasti and spumante lunch on a yacht. There is no reason for hardly any pictures, other than I forgot to take them.

Got back just in time to go see The Feeling. Short but great. I stood too close to take a picture of the entire band. Me being me, I'd never do this unless it happens. Number 6 and ???? alone were worth the admission fee.
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