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another crazy winter

Long post. It's been a while.

Cookie weekend two weeks ago lasted as long as last year, but I did it for holiday reasons this time and in a much better mood.

Then I had this year's share of Christmas last Saturday with half of the family over and hardly any time to prepare. But it worked, everybody was happy and I love doing it. That's all.

I'll be on my way to Nepal in a week to the minute, because having two weeks off with nothing to do sounded weird some time ago. Planning and (mostly) looking forward to it will happen the minute work madness stops, which will be on Friday.

I've been standing next to myself a lot lately. I don't get sick because I can't afford time off. Ran out of painkillers for my stupid stiff neck yesterday or the day before. Today I just made it to the store before it closed to get cat food, because I ran out of that, too. I don't sleep when I should, but fall asleep on the train and almost miss my stops.

Still, it's much better than a year ago, because this time, there's a team behind and a reason for it. And I know I'll be fine after Friday.

Somehow I always find myself and the time to see the Runner. He thinks I'm so normal, which sounds quite comforting these days. I actually think he's quite normal, too. Apart from the running, that is.

He took me to a race on Sunday and during preparation kept me next to him like I simply belonged to his routine. Then he ran, smiled at the cheering, finished well and called to meet up again.

Later he stood next to me in a group of friends who spoke local dialect. I don't think he understood a word.

Guy: So you caught an Italian!
Me: Hm, not really...
Guy: Then he caught you!
Me: No... Hell, if I knew...

One day he'll probably read this and tell me we're both shy.

While my female cat declared unconditional love for him, the male is scared as usual and hides under the bed. The Runner's theory, which he offered one day and completely out of context, is to ignore cats until they stumble across their own curiosity and start building up trust. I like to think that's what he's doing. I think I am.

So rounding this up, I really, really need this break, but I'm not going to see him for almost four weeks. That's probably about how long it'll take me to figure out how to get over it.
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