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It's been a longer while than I thought it would be.

Quiet weekend. Nothing worth mentioning, except the fact that in the past ten days I've heard from four friends that I didn't expect to ever come back.

In chronological order:

1. Vee
Shared the office with her for a couple years. She could almost be my mother, and that's what she partially was during a nasty breakup of mine, my parents' breakup, and life as life is in general. We lost contact when we both left that office. Now our bosses do business together, so we met for drinks to catch up on years.

2. Stevie
Crazy guy - dive instructor, accountant, photographer, traveler, spent 3 years riding his motorcycle all around Africa. I haven't seen him in ages. Now he finally updated his blog with photos and stories from Yemen, where he now studies Arabic.

3. V
Sent an email and hopes I'm not furious because he quit communicating. Will spend a week on business in my town soon and wants to meet up. I had thought he'd be furious because of me and we'd never see each other again. Looks like we're all calm and peaceful now, so we decided to have drinks. Non-alcoholic this time...

4. The Runner
He copped out of the planned dinner in February and went quiet. I gave up hope he'd come back, but somehow never stopped trusting that he would. Difficult to explain. Today was his big day at the Zurich marathon. At km 41 they raced close by my place, so I went to watch and cheer. No idea if he recognized me. Today was also going to be one of his last days on my facebook, because I didn't want to keep seeing him there. And today was the day he proved me right; after running his goal time he went home and asked me out. No hope, but I want to know.
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