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I got up awfully early on Sunday morning, but half an hour into walking up there the leaves on the ground started dancing around. So I decided to let the others go and return home to get some rest.

The sun breaking through the fog on my way back sort of made up for it.

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see you next time

Of course you can have a picture of my neighborhood. What do I do with the point I earned?

I feel like updating, but it'd be the same all the time: alarm clock, work, work, work (it's fun most of the time), no sun, then home or out, cats, www, bed.

Instead, I send an email to V once a day. When he finally talked he also criticized me for not being enough communicative. So I thought I'd do this for a while. Now and then I get a reply that lets me think a dialog could be possible and it's probably not the most stupid thing to do.

And if... Others may think the same. Like my friend G earlier this week. We meet for dinner once in a while.

Her: See you next time. Here, because we always meet here.
Me: Last time we actually met over there. I remember because I took a picture of the rain while I was waiting for you.
Her: You take pictures of the rain while waiting for people?!
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goodbye (e lo so)

The past few weeks I worked a third more than I'm paid for and slept a third less than I need. So I was irritated even before I got hit with V's anger last Sunday. Last week isn't one I want to see repeated soon in my life.

It ended with a friend's goodbye party, which did me good though. Someone told this story, and there were enough nice people and caipirinhas for distraction.

It's odd, I never have a problem with goodbyes. Everything is still where it belongs when I say goodbye. It's when it's gone that I start to realize what's missing.

The rest of the weekend I stayed with myself, because that's my most efficient way of getting re-centered. It looked like this (in random order): bed, bed, newspaper, groceries, bed, kitchen, book, bathtub, bed, bed, kitchen, bed.
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schmapped, slapped and sorry

Got schmapped. They found the Montreal pic I took in April and asked if they could use it. So here it is again.

And got slapped with words last night. I guess no one really likes to be called arrogant and someone with no evidence of diplomacy.

After weeks of silence V finally broke it. I didn’t expect it to be sweet because it never is, but I wanted it sorted out. Wrote back, dimmi (tell me). And he did.

It's as I almost hoped it would be: bad communication and misunderstandings en masse. So I explained and apologized for all I could. Then I wished him well, because I still don't know if there will be another chance to do it.
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Saw the two girls having breakfast on my way to work recently. Probably some ad campaign, but I was late and I didn't have time to find out. I did spare the time to take a quick pic though, because
  • It was close to freezing as they were sitting there, with only a few degrees Celsius above 0. In September.

  • They placed their table between the HQ entrances of the two largest Swiss banks, at least of of them shivering as well these days.

  • There's no restaurant.
I always eat the same breakfast on weekdays:

1 cup of yogurt, no flavors and sugar added (unless there's none left, like today)
1 large glass of grapefruit juice, no sugar added
2 espresso shots with water to cool them

This is quick and simple, and takes me beyond lunch break (which I occasionally forget to take).

I'm late again...
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(no subject)

You know, I recently had my dad on the phone and told him how unfair I think it is that some people have to endure so much pain and humiliation for such a long time before they are allowed to leave. When I go, I just want to fall asleep.

It’s not only about the ones dying, he said, it’s also about those who stay behind. It gives them time to prepare and to cope with their loss.

I hope he’s right about that.

Be strong, dear.
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thun, family, camels

This is the town where I grew up. Passed by there a week ago and took a quick break to see if things were still in place. I haven’t been in years. Everything's strangely familiar and far away at the same time. Looks pretty, but I don’t miss it a bit.

I should point out that, within one week, I’ve seen every single member of my family, except three cousins. And it took just two events to get there. This hasn’t happened in probably 20 years. And it will only be topped when if I or my brother get married.

I should also point out that I’ve seen live camels up close on two occasions within that one week. Some at a tiny circus that put up its tent right in front of my dad’s place, the other one at my cousin’s wedding. I’ve come to the conclusion that my broken cam’s biggest problem has to do with the flash. See here.

Got back home early on Sunday to do some nasty work on a spread sheet only to find out I had saved it in a place I couldn’t access from out of office. Doing it now.

The good news: As of eleven days ago, 4pm CET, I haven't smoked in a year, which is hard to believe and close enough to the truth.
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still here

Looked at it from a global perspective I live right next to CERN, so here's a little something to let the webs know the black hole hasn't eaten me yet.

My own reversed black hole sits on my desk and produces loads of work.

I knew I picked the busier version of the job I've been doing all summer, but I didn't expect it to be that much. I guess it's not really nice of me, but I was actually relieved when a friend called to cancel drinks tonight because of a headache. At least this time it wasn't me not making it.

It's dark when I get up and getting dark again when I get home and I miss summer.
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the week, basically

I removed my single status on facebook, which got my friends all excited. Which was the one thing that kept me amused all week.

Work has been crazy busy recently. I’m almost back to my m&m’s and yogurt lunches and there’s no end in sight.

We deal with human capital and sign it off when it doesn’t match. Of course, candidates never hear it that way, but it’s what is is. Just a term we all don’t like.

So I had planned to sign off the photographer all this time. Instead, I went undercover like the guys that couldn’t be man enough to say goodbye. Always great to make the very mistake you don’t want to see from others. But he seems to be of the patient and understanding kind and still wants to see me when he’s back in a few weeks.
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Someone burned some music on a CD and left it in my mailbox before the weekend. The cover is a patchwork of album covers. They don't really match any of my friends' taste and there was no note. I was going to take it back downstairs after listening, because I was sure someone else was waiting for it. But it was a weird weekend and I forgot.

Got a text last night from the photographer asking if I liked the music.

I'm finally listening to it and I do like some of it. It's a really sweet gesture I think I should just appreciate. But I never gave him my address and the thought of him dropping by without letting me know somehow freaks me out about as much as like the surprise.

Guess we'll talk before I decide if running is a good idea.
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